Live the Celebrity Lifestyle in a Villa in the South of France

Friday, June 1, 2012
It's time to pull out the Louis Vuitton luggage, don the oversize sunglasses and the larger than life hat and head to the South of France. In actual fact none of those things are necessary because the South of France comes complete with everything you will need to make you feel like you are at the top of the A-list.

For many years the South of France has been a favourite haunt for the rich and famous as they try to escape their hectic lifestyles in the calm and largely media-free surroundings that the south can provide. Johnny Depp has gone as far as to make it his permanent surroundings, opting for a quiet life away from the limelight. Likewise when Elton John visits his villa in the Riviera he rarely leaves the house and in turn offers the pad to his celebrity friends when they need some downtime.

Now just because its celebrity villa dwellers like to shy away from the world in the South of France that does not mean that there is no fun or glamour to be found. For example the area has some of the most amazing restaurants whether it's an upscale bistro or a family diner you will be covered.

There is also a whole range of live entertainment which brings the place to life with a constant festive atmosphere. Cannes in particular keeps up a range of entertainment to keep you occupied throughout

If its celebrity spotting that takes your fancy then Monaco is your best bet. Its world famous restaurants and casinos make it a hub of activity for those with some cash to burn. However if it's a slower place and slightly more sophisticated culture that you desire then why not try a villa in artistic Nice.

Remember also that you don't need to have a celebrity budget to live the celeb lifestyle, self-catered accommodation is the most cost effective option in the area and starts at around £90 per week for an apartment for two and villa's sleeping up to 6 people are available from around £290 per week.

So whether you would like a week of living the celebrity life in Monaco or St Tropez or maybe just a week like Elton, using the surroundings to relax and recuperate then a Villa in the South of France will provide everything you need to make you come home feeling a million dollars.