How to Become a Bodyguard for Celebrities

Thursday, May 3, 2012
Bodyguarding for the celebrities and how to start

For specific on how to train as a bodyguard or the local licencing requirements please refer to previous articles from the author.

Having been a team leader for several movie stars and music industry leaders protection detail I can tell you that it is demanding work. If you really want to become a bodyguard that is assigned to celebrity escorts you will need to know some important tips.

Celebrity protection is the opposite of traditional bodyguarding

Looking after executives is normally low visibility and very planned with every meeting organised in advanced. On the other hand, celebrity bodyguarding requires high visibility details and numerous unplanned activities.

1. Practice your risk assessments and team escort drills to build in maximum flexibility for sudden detail changes. Anything between a sudden nightclub visit or unknown photo op with people on the rope lines. Adapt and adjust during every escort.

2. Celebrities often want the bodyguards to look similar to their management group appear as image is the essence of being a star. With all the photographs and journalists hanging on every moment, the celebrity does not want the bodyguard to draw attention away from the celebrity. Find out which celebrity you want to be a bodyguard for, and consider if you would want to dress or act like they do.

3. Join a Personal Protection stable in your country. Few people know this but celebrities will bring their own close protection expert and rely a lot on the local stables to fill the rest of the team roles.

What is a stable? A bodyguard stable is a group of protection operatives that are all known and tested by a well known bodyguard team leader. That means, if the team leaders know your work, you are more likely to be picked when they get the call. Get to know who the team leaders are in your town or city and work your way up by proving you are reliable and trustworthy.

4. Start working in the hottest nightclubs as security. Not only does this keep your skills sharp, you are more likely to be included in the security team when a celebrity makes an impromptu visit. If you act professionally and not get starstruck, you may find yourself being asked to get on the bodyguard register for the protection team.

5. Register with the International Bodyguard association as most celebrity bodyguard positions are filled before they even land in Australia. With association membership you go onto the database when teams are being assembled and it is great way for new protection operatives to get a start without much experience.

6. Of course, registering with the television stations is a must. Often the station will have their own bodyguards teams, but your break could be when someone else is sick or the team is overbooked. Find out which manager is responsible for booking security details and start by introducing yourself.

"If you are not qualified or trained as a bodyguard, start with basic details first and build your experience looking after low level risk clients."

With our training courses you are able to choose your own training session times and the length of the course to suit your changing needs. Our trainers use real workplace skills and activities to develop your management skills.

Celebrity Weight Loss and the Secrets

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
One of the catchiest headlines of the entertainment news would always be about the celebrity weight loss which will attract the attention of both the readers and the enthusiasts. Being in the glamour world is all about keeping yourself fit, slim and perfect, so if you are a celebrity, you should have a slender body that would fit for any kind of appearances. Depending on their roles and appearances on the television, celebrities will always need to follow a diet or program that would give them the beautiful look onscreen. Some enthusiasts might be too enthusiastic to follow the procedures that the celebrities follow, but they might not work out for you so easily. Besides, instead of adding to your benefit, these celebrity weight reduction procedures can cause you bad health.

Maintaining a celebrity figure is not that easy, so your dream to look like a celebrity might not end up so easily! Some celebrity's secret to reducing body fat are following the diets properly, doing regular exercises in the gym, being a vegetarian and avoiding all the fat enriched foods. If you are trying to follow the celebrity weight loss procedures improperly, then your immune system may weaken, your heart may be weak or you may start falling ill all of a sudden. Some of the renowned celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Matt Damon, Milla Jovovich, Shia LaBeouf, Heidi Montag, Mariah Carey, Elizabeth Banks, Alec Baldwin etc. have all joined the campaign for losing weight which they believe are also going to contribute for reducing fatness and hunger.

Some celebrities may go under the knife and have plastic surgery which is the reason behind their celebrity weight loss. However, you have to keep in mind that, following the path to plastic surgery may not be the solution, but rather add misery to your body. This is because plastic surgery has many side effects which will affect and weaken your body. Following the signature curves of the celebrities, you might also want to do whatever it takes to reduce your weight, but the secret is actually maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This means that you have to take plenty of water everyday, do regular exercises, take fresh fruits, vegetables and foods, avoid junk foods and alcohol etc. So, without following a cost effective celebrity weight loss procedure, you can rather follow your own routine to reduce your weight.

If you wish to attend any weight reduction program, then it is always better to follow the rules under the guidance of a trainer who will teach you the proper procedures of losing weight instead of following the celebrity weight loss procedures blindly.

Celebrity Fans of Dinosaurs

They stopped making them 65 million years ago and now Dinosaur fossils have become the latest status symbol for Hollywood "A" listers. Nicholas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio were in a bidding war for a Tarbosaurus skull (an Asian relative of Tyrannosaurus rex) at a recent Beverley Hills auction. Dinosaur fans and model makers have no chance when these high rollers enter the auction. More importantly, many museums, keen to acquire new fossils for display and study, may not be able to complete financially with wealthy, private collectors. It seems that a number of celebrities as well as big businessmen and even royalty have taken to collecting rare fossils. This phenomenon is not new, wealthy patrons have always helped fund fossil collecting and sponsored expeditions as well as permanent exhibits. Mary Anning, the pioneering English fossil collector, sold many of her Lyme Regis (Dorset, on the south coast of England) finds to private collectors.

Securing the Patronage of a Wealthy Sponsor

Had Gideon Mantell been able to secure the support and patronage of the newly crowned King William IV when the royal party visited Lewes on October 22nd 1830, the science of palaeontology could well have taken a different route. However, the luckless Mantell missed out and one of the most distinguished and important early pioneers of Dinosaur study was doomed to be squeezed out by the better connected Sir Richard Owen, who later went on to found the Natural History Museum located in South Kensington (London).

Dinosaur Fossils - The New Status Symbol

For the world's wealthy having your very own private collection of fossils and other antiquities is becoming an important status symbol. DiCaprio may have lost out to Nicholas Cage when it came to bidding for the Tyrannosaur skull, but no doubt other batches of rare and unique specimens will be auctioned in California shortly and he will have another chance.

Fossil sales are big business, many scientific bodies and museums cannot compete and as a result palaeontologists are unable to study rare specimens and important specimens. The rising prices has led to increased trade in illegal fossils (remains removed without permission) and counterfeit specimens, so well made that they can even fool professional palaeontologists.

Another consequence of the high prices paid for dinosaur and other prehistoric animal fossils is that there have been a number of raids on scientific dig sites, with many precious and delicate fossils stolen or damaged in such raids. Fossil sites, in the United Kingdom and the United States have been vandalised by individuals keen to find dinosaur fossils so that they can either be sold at auction or privately. Sadly, such fossils are taken out of the hands of palaeontologists who are not able to study them, thus our fossil heritage is weakened and scientists have fewer opportunities to learn about these amazing prehistoric creatures.

Do Celebrity Weight Loss Plans Really Work

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
We look at celebrities and think, "Wow, if her weight loss makes her look that good, it should work for me too!" And often, we're wrong! Why is that?

The first reason, and there are several, is that these people have grim determination to lose weight no matter what the consequences are. They need to look glamorous and slim because that is what the industry demands from them. Many times, they choose the wrong method like surgery, pills, drastic diet plans, and even starvation or vomiting.

The second reason is that they can afford to hire a private trainer or nutritionist to prepare every meal and handle the exercise hour according to their specific needs. We all have specific needs like having excess fat in our upper arms, thighs, abdomen, chin, or even ankles.

Thirdly they have money or they have access to funds or services to support their weight loss plan. Some of them sign up with high-profile weight control companies as an endorser and they get the full VIP treatment for free, plus their talent fee.

About 90% of the rest of humanity does not get to enjoy these types of perks. Nonetheless, there are viable options for weight loss available.

Join a Reality TV Program

How about being The Biggest Loser? You may think this is funny but people do line up to be in a TV show where they can benefit in 3 ways: make money, lose weight, and become famous themselves. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities to be in a program like this. It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

In case you do get a chance to be in a free weight loss program, the benefits are tremendous aside from those listed above. One gets to bring his or her weight under control under close supervision, no payment needed, and with all the latest equipment.

Adopting the Same Approach Taken By The TV Program On Your Own

There have been quite a number of people who have just tried to follow the format of TV programs on weight loss on their own, and this is very, very risky. According to experts, dramatic drops in weight can affect glucose and insulin levels. There are many side effects that can happen especially if the person has a pre-existing medical condition he may or may not know about. Keep in mind that programs like The Biggest Loser have expert medical staff who monitor every contestant very closely. Without such monitoring you are at extreme risk.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery involves reducing the capacity of the stomach by one of several methods. This is an extreme option that will cost you at least US$30,000 depending on your surgeon. It is also invasive, which means you are on the operating table and under anesthesia. There are many possible risks in any kind of medical surgery. Furthermore, insurance does not cover this type of surgery, which means it would be an out-of-pocket expense. A number of celebrities have undergone this procedure, but that does not mean that it is for everyone.

Try One Of Their Weight Plans

A lot of celebrities have come up with their own "personalized weight and diet plan." The best way to deal with these is to pick the most sensible parts and forego the parts that aren't feasible or are unusual. For instance one of the most important ideas that have come out of these plans is to avoid emotional eating.

Look for Natural Methods

One logical option would be to go natural. Look for a program that will not upset your stomach or system, that will have minimal to no side effects, and that is effective. If you can find this weight loss plan, then you don't have to worry about surgeries or celebrities.